Hej! I am a tenured Associate Professor of Astronomy at Aarhus University. In addition to teaching Astronomy courses, I spend a fair fraction of my time working on the Carnegie Supernova Project and the Carnegie Supernova Project II. I also collaborate with a number of supernova researchers in Europe, USA, Chile, and China via NUTS (NOT Unbiased Transient Survey) where I serve as co-PI. I also work with the ASAS-SN (All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae) team, whom are discovering many nearby and young supernovae. My research is chiefly focused on the study of a variety of supernovae types (e.g. Type Ib/c, Type IIn, Type Ia, Type Iax) with the motivation to gain a deeper understanding of their progenitor systems and explosion physics, as well as to sharpen the use of Type Ia supernovae as cosmological distance indicators. To date my research while working in Aarhus has been supported by a FNU (Danish Ministry of Science and Technology; 2012-2017) starting grant realized through a Sapere Aude Level II fellowship and now by a grant from the Villum foundation (2016-2020). A summary of results obtained as part of the FNU funded project can be found here: "Shedding Light on Dark Energy with Standard Candles: Advancing the Cosmological Utility and Undestanding of Type Ia Supernova".