Solar models

Problem with original model in GONG format. See below.

The model provided here has been used fairly extensively as a reference for helioseismic inversion. It is commonly known as Model S, and described by Christensen-Dalsgaard et al. (1996). Briefly, the model uses OPAL equation of state and opacity, and includes settling of helium and heavy elements.

The model is presented in two forms. One contains a basic set of variables, which may be sufficient for many purposes. The second is a rather complete set (the so-called GONG form), documented in a separate note which is also avaiable.

Problem with Ledoux discriminant in original model.

In February 2018 I discovered an irregularity in the Ledoux discriminant (var(15,.)) in the model originally provided. Unfortunately I have been unable to recover the original model (named l5bi.d.15c) which was used for this distribution. In this models (l5bi.d.15), in GONG format, the problem has been corrected. Note that l5bi.d.15 is likely the model that was in fact used for the results presented in Christensen-Dalsgaard et al. (1996). The differences between l5bi.d.15 and l5bi.d.15c, apart from the problems with var(15,.) in l5bi.d.15c, are minute.


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The current state of solar modeling.
Science, 272, 1286 - 1292.
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