Aarhus adiabatic pulsation package

This page provides access to the distribution version of the package developed in Aarhus for computing adiabatic oscillations and manupulating the results. The present version has been revised up to September 1997 and supersedes the earlier version released in 1994.

In addition to programmes and notes, the distribution contains several solar models, including Model S of Christensen-Dalsgaard et al. (1996; Science 272, 1286 - 1292).

The distribution consists of the following files:

The programmes generally operate with binary input and output files. The binary format evidently may vary between installations. The binary distribution file (models.bin.n.tar.gz) uses a format valid on, e.g., SGI and SUN installations; this should probably be preferred in these cases, as providing the full double-precision accuracy. However, for use on installations with different binary formats I also include the distribution file models.for.n.tar.gz, which contains the same data, but converted to ASCII form with the commands form-amdl.d and form-agsm.d (also provided). See the README file for further details on the use of these options.

For convenience, I also here include links to gzipped postscript files of the notes on the programme. The postscript files are also included in the adipack.n.tar distribution.

Comments and questions on the distribution should be addressed to me at jcd@phys.au.dk

Older versions:

For convenience, I here include links to older editions of this version of the code:

Version of Oct. 7, 1997:

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