HELAS Outreach material

The HELAS web page.

The official web page for HELAS has been set up by Markus Roth and is available at http://www.helas-eu.org (the final location) and http://helas.kis.uni-freiburg.de/ (the KIS site). In the longer run, of course, all material will be established at the official address, as organized by the IAC.

HELAS Brochure

An important part of our tasks at the meeting is to discuss the HELAS information material, including the brochure describing HELAS to our colleagues. A revised draft of the text (9/6/06), as prepared before the Board Meeting in April but including a section on management, is available here.

Launch of Solar Dynamics Observatory

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is scheduled to be launched 10 February 2010. Extensive material on the mission is available here.

Outreach material

The following is the selection of outreach material collected before the meeting 14 - 16 June, 2006, in Aarhus. Obviously, a goal of the activities will be to organize this material. Additional material can be found at the ENEAS web pages.

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