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Book : "Methods in helio- and asteroseismology"

Imperial College Press, 2006 . ISBN-10: 1-86094-755-7 ISBN-13: 978-1-86094-755-1
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     Name: Frank P. Pijpers
    Email: F.Pijpers _AT_ 
      Fax: +44 20 7594 7772
    Phone: +44 20 7594 7661

I used to work for the Space and Atmospheric Physics group at Imperial College (London, England), and before that in the Theoretical Astrophysics Center based in the Astronomy Group of the University of Aarhus (Denmark). Before that I used to work in the Uppsala Astronomical Observatory (Sweden), and at Queen Mary and Westfield College (now QMUL) before that.

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The sun is oscillating in many different pulsation modes which deform it slightly. Here are two shown with an exaggerated vertical scale and unrealistic colours. On the left is an L=8 M=4 spherical harmonic eigenmode, on the right is an L=9 M=9 Spherical Harmonic eigenmode.
The solar rotation rate is shown here as a contour and grey scale plot
The darker the background, the more uncertain the determination of the rotation rate. The contours are iso-rotation contours, labelled with the rotation rate in nHz.

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