Hans Fogedby

Hans Fogedby

Statistical Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Biological Physics

M.Sc., University of Copenhagen 1965
Ph.D., Harvard University 1970
Dr. Scient., University of Copenhagen 1980
Arrival as faculty at Aarhus University 1980
Adjoint Professor at Niels Bohr Institute 2004
Professor Emeritus at Aarhus University 2010

Office: Department of Physics and Astronomy
Iphone: +45 26116119
Phone ( secretary): +45 8942 3732
Fax: +45 8612 0740
Email: fogedby@phys.au.dk

Research Interests
My research interests at the present lie in the areas of statistical physics, soft condensed matter, and biophysics. Over the years my interests have moved from solid state physics and quantum many body theory, particularly applied to low dimensional magnetic systems, via the mathematical physics of completely integrable systems, to problems in classical statistical physics and soft condensed matter such as the statistical mechanics of domain wall motion, Monte Carlo simulations of fluctuating membranes, fractal lipid layer and bacterial growth models, models for anomalous diffusion, random walk in random environments, kinetic phase aggregation, domain wall motion, and growing interfaces. In recent years I have focussed mainly on fundamental problems in nonequilibrium physics exemplified by the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang stochastic equation for a growing interface and have pursued a nonperturbative weak noise field theoretical formulation in order to account for the pattern formation and scaling behavior. At present I am applying these methods to problems in nonlinear systems (noisy chaotic maps, finite time singularities), material physics (models for magnetic switches) and biophysics (molecular motors and pattern formation).

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